Thursday, June 1, 2006


this daydreamer girl almost know what she wants for her life.
knows what kind of something that can satisfied her.
knows which paths that can lead her to immortal happiness.

its kind of late,
but everybody deserve for a chance.
its kind of process,
indeed, for something unexplainable inside.

but still... on her daydreamer mind,
she needs a guidance angel,
an invisible guardian for her fragility,
that let her know she's strong inside.

now, those imaginary slowly become a real.
so slowly... but so surely,
real... as real as the real world she deal,
keep remind her to open her eyes and wake up for reality.

you go girl,
keep trying and keep survive,
for your daydream on floating world,
launch it to your real world.


ucha said...

Cheer up. There'll b tomorrow awaits.
Salam kenal ya..

mr.dadang said...

sounds to me that you're finally dating somebody? someone you've lost contact in Jogja? TellmeTellmeTellme!

Avante said...

Nice Poet from a Nice Girl
-=o Welcome to BlogFam o=-

HuLtUn said...

hwa...inikah puisi yang dikira du2nk patah hati?