Monday, July 27, 2009

too much questions

here i am at my hometown. i've been here since july 8th for the election day. and for a big mission of retiring from my job.
since my day one here, a lot of question gaven to me. lets say any make sense question until not one. and i should answer it all, while in some case i dont want to answer the disturbing one.

i just quit from my job. some people ask "why?" a regular question. and i just answer it "i'm not enjoying myself working there anymore". and they keep ask "why?". and they all insist me to answer it in a detail. kind of bored answering the question. in fact, i've also spend four session at my speaking class just to explain them about it. why is it so interesting thing for you guys, while it just a normal thing for me.

i never think about married right now. i have no man yet also right now. and for me those kind of marry thing is something that God already arranged. when it comes the day, then it will be. just let God work on it, of course in God mysterious way also.
and who are you people keep saying your argument about me got married soon. and why all of you dare giving any conclution about me afraid of the commitment, and i'm not a family oriented. that was a shallow thought you gave for me. cause my family oriented aims right now would be the happiness of my parents.
Justify Full
i want a job that i like. i dont care about money as long as i'm happy doing it. money isn't something important for me. but i'm not living alone, and there is some responsibility right now that made me a kind off money slaves.

i enjoying my time doing some vacation journey. and just making a big grin when my friend said want to do the same thing but they just can't do it. i'll take that as a big SCORE for me. cause nowadays i'm kind of stop looking the green grass of my neighbour.

i have my own grass to care about. and i'll be caring it in my own way. no matter what the result i got, the important thing is to keep my grass green.

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zam said...

hoo wis cabut toh. keren!