Monday, August 31, 2009


dear blog,

i dunno what to say, i dunno what to think
i dunno what to see, i dunno what to blink
i dunno what to eat, i dunno what to drink
*i dunno what makes it into a rime*

i dunno where to stand, i dunno where to go
i dunno where to run, i dunno where to stop
i dunno where to hide, i dunno where to seek

i dunno who am i now, i dunno who am i yesterday
i dunno who am i tomorrow, i dunno who's know me
i dunno who's the stranger is, i dunno if i know them

i dunno why am i writing here, since i realize i dunno what to tell
i dunno why am i feeling this way, since i realize i do feel weird
i dunno why am i sad, since i realize i always smile

i dunno when it starts, i dunno when it will stop
i dunno when i make my first step, i dunno if i just arrived
i dunno when it takes my time, i dunno if it takes my time already

i dunno how to understand, since i realize that i understand it
i dunno how should it be, since its already be
i dunno how to fix, i dunno how to mess up

i dunno what to feel coz i'm feeling empty
and i hate it when i feel blank

try to keep loving myself,
then loving my surround.


Yogi Sujiwo said...

why feeling blank?
Dunno what to think of anymore?
Have you Already fulfilled all of your dreams?
Feeling a bit melancholisian?
or feeling home sick?

wedhouz said...

why don't you try to love your surround and then let them love you in return

tjahaju said...

#yogi: coz i'm blank/ thinking my parents/ not yet/ yup/ maybe

#wedhouz: sayangin diri aku sendiri dg gitu aku bisa sayangin org lain *marshanda style.. halah.. hakaka* of course lah aku sayang my surround, aku juga selalu buang sampah pada tempatnya.. contoh: pipis di toilet instead of pipis di sembarang tempat, hekekee...

raindust said...

hey its cool poem.. *made on my special day* hehehehe