Monday, September 28, 2009

nokia 6300

thx God for technologies..! thx to my bro for this 6300 n forgive me for being egois, hekeke namanya juga lil sister. and so i'm trying to maximize the function of this cellphone. aku emang gaptek klo soal GPRS.. its only to satisfy kenarsisanku at first when i fullfilled my pasion on traveling *dont have pocket camera :p* its been a year since i got this 6300 from my bro, since i activate the gprs and since i add some applications.. thx God i have this technology as my only entertainment at my boarding life. radio, music player, blog, fb, ym, games, google, camera.. not bad lah even it's not a QWERTY keypad n make my jempol a lil bit varises typing this post. hakakaka.. lebay deh.


fahmi! said...

ini postingnya pake henfon? walah telaten amat mbak iki rek :D

Anang said...