Friday, July 30, 2010

let's face the world

Hi.. I guess I’m back. Feels like living in a moving rollercoaster lately… now I’ve just landed and feel my legs back to the ground.

I think some of you know that I lost my Mum a month ago (June 14, 2010). My deepest gratitude for all your condolence, I really appreciate it. Thank you for all support, really… it is mean something for me. Especially when everything seems like bullshit and I just want her back and not leaving me without any clue. Thank you for all those positive energy that embrace me in a right atmosphere.

Anyway today is Friday, that means weekend… yay!
ZARA is held a SALE yesterday, dunno for today. Owh and today I've sign-up for Twitter *finally* if any of you want to follow, just find me: dian_tjahaju. I have a wedding invitation for Saturday. And no plan yet for Sunday.

So, happy weekend everybody!


fahmi! said...

hai ju :) welcome back. di surabaya besok ada festival jajanan bango. wiken ini aku perlu cari celana baru, soale yg lama sempit, aku agak gemukan sekarang, hehe. semoga akhir pekanmu menyenangkan :)

aRai said...

lama tidak berkunjung kesini ... ternyata masih eksis juga ... hehe