Thursday, March 24, 2011

beyond your imagination

fantasia... where Sebastian get into the story of book and help Atreyu to fight the Nothing.
wonderland... where Alice get lost and met the wonderful creatures.
neverland... where fairy live freely and Peter brought Wendy and taught how to fly.
hogwarts... where Harry find the happiness and popularity.
narnia... where those sibling met the talking animal and fight the evil.
underworld... where Artemis challenge the fairies power.
pandora... where Jakesully decide to reincarnate himself to be a bluemonkey.
disneyworld... where people can be a mouse friend.
dufan... where people can scream, laugh and learn to line up for a games.
and et cetera... et cetera...

me and my narnian looking

heaven... where God put the good people on it.
heaven... hope that would be my final destination when the time is come.

praise the God and live your life gracefully.


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