Sunday, March 6, 2011

lullaby.. goodnite..

am i imsonia? dunno for sure. i can't sleep if its not yet over 12am. i used to go to my flat-mate room on 8pm to stimulate my sleepy-needs. or activate my e-buddy from my phone, saying hi to some friend and leave them without permition when i fall asleep. or read a book, unfortunately i have no book this nite. or filling my cross-words book. or post something on this blog like what i did just now, but i wont forget to hit publish button before i.. zzz.. zzleep. any other lullaby ideas for me?


efahmi said...

a phone call from boyfriend, maybe? ;)

tjahaju said...

@fahmi: just some of my followers.. yes i love my fans *udah kayak twitter-nya justin bieber aja neh, hakakaka*