Thursday, July 28, 2011

rear side

looks ahead is a common posed when someone took a picture. in a different occasions, my friend took my picture from my back. candid or not, i found it interesting.
so here to you, another edition: watch my back while i'm moving forward.
where's the ball?
where's the ship? it's hot here? should i apply the sunblock now?
i wanna go home? where's the ship? i'm bored?
yoga in the morning?
are we there yet? is it far?
wow, i control this thing?
why am i here? oh no, tomorrow is monday?
owh.. train
what is that? i'm tired?
i'm the king in the world?
can we eat now?
where are we going now?
go ship? keep rowing?
let's go to the garden?
is there any sale?
so i got pictured back and ahead?
what are they sell?

fun isn't it? beside that, for me it's like a mystery. what was my face expression at those time. was it smile, sad, laugh, or straight face. it's hard to guess it, right? he he he, so why don't you share your back and i'll guess your face expression or what was your thinking at those time.


Desta said...

that's cool Dian, love the posting idea. Your bag in pic #7 remind me of some one who always use that bag, hekekekk..

tjahaju said...

@desta: yeah.. owh i know who he is, ha3x