Sunday, August 21, 2011

thoughts become things

thoughts, well imagination to be exactly, become things. back then, i have a lot of thoughts, i have a lot of imaginations. to what i want to do, to have, to achieve. i keep imagine and wish about anything in my mind. i never think about how i will get those wish, in fact i never really focus about the way. but somehow, i keep those thoughts, i keep those faiths about what i imagine, and try my best to always feel good about my life.

now if i look back and re-think about what have been with me, believe it or not, what i ever thought, really becomes thing. it really happen. i don't know how, but it seems that those imaginations find their own way to come to me in a real life.

if you follow some of my previous post below, you will know what i mean. this post is something that i ever wished before i posted it. and when it really happen to me, sometimes i forgot that i ever wish for it before.

that just some of my thoughts-become-things. thanks God, actually there's so many wonderful thoughts that become things in my life. hopefully there will be more on their way to me.
honestly, i almost stop dreaming recently... that's why i feel so uninspired. it because i'm focusing more in how to make it work, on how i make it real. i almost forgot that God and the universe will make it true for me at the perfect moment.
so, do you understand something. we should not stop dreaming, we should not stop imagine... we should keep thought something wonderful and believe that it will become things, that it will come to you.

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sandynata said...

semoga bisa terwujud soon or later :)