Thursday, September 8, 2011

class of whatever

silaturahmi activities... honestly i'm a lil bit hangover of those kind activities. but it was such fun at the same time. so here's to you, some captured from the reunion with class of whatever at the different occasions.

university friends
class of 2001
high school friends
another high school's friend
coffee blog friend
aya, the daughter of my middle school friend.
bottom right is mi-photo taken by aya.

and the photo below is the milk-man, he delivered the fresh milk since i was a kid. glad he still remember me and my family. finally, i can drink a fresh milk here :D
pak ndut - the milk man
practically i only have today and tomorrow to enjoy my hometown. this time i plan to spend my rest holiday at home, with my dad and bigbro. also i really need a huge rest after my 4days-3nites-bali-holiday. i know that when i get back to jakarta, its gonna hard to find a relax time. so i'm gonna prepare myself very well then. 

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sandynata said...

seneng yo, aku malah gak sempet ketemu temen2 sekolah/kuliah, jadwal reuniannya bentrok (-,-")