Tuesday, October 4, 2011

yes! we are all incredible

thx ibu melanie (one of the author herself) for giving me this incredible book, along with your autograph. love your photo at the cover as well.
thx for remind me again that we are all incredible and it only took an incredible positive mind to make life more incredible. 
thx for sharing your incredible true story. my fave is 'catatan melanie 3'. that make me realize, how difficult moment can turn someone into an incredible fight and strong person.
please send my thx to ibu monica for her life coach on this book. love the 'hugging theory' part.

incredible me, change yourself before you change others. 

out of topic: i also love the part where ibu melanie explain about one of her company that move on hajj pilgrimage travel. hopefully it's one of the signs that i can make my way to do it. any free-spot for my accomodation, ibu? he3x.

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