Monday, June 11, 2012

jatim park 2 - batu secret zoo

i went back to my hometown, malang - east java, last two weeks. one of my agenda was visiting Jatim Park 2 a.k.a Batu Secret Zoo. accompanied by my friend, we ride a motorcycle to get there. the place is not far from BNS location. 

jatim park 1 is about science (volcano), culture (temples), agriculture, water park and games. batu night spectacular (BNS) is about fun rides and lanterns park. jatim park 2 is about biology and modern zoo. all sounds like field trip destination for kids, no?

i was amazed by the massive facade and how big the area was. i mean for my hometown scale, it is very huge, special and how serious the owner was. ha3x... well, anything for knowledge, no? i'm glad they made this. we were arrived at noon. fortunately it was cloudy day and cool, so it convenient weather for our sightseeing. 

after bought the tickets, we start our sightseeing from 'museum satwa'. so awesome! the diorama looks almost real and the collection makes you smarter than before. i'm sure all kiddos and adults love visiting this place.

continued to the modern zoo... the animals seems well treated, healthy and some of them seems to know what to do when cameras around. i wonder if they watched and get inspired by alex, marty, gloria and melman from madagascar movie. 
i also liked how they manage the visitor flow. the track is also suits for wheelchair or kid stroller. 

one more genius stuff that i found was phone charging's counter with keys. so while your phone get the power, you keep the key with you and go have a lunch at nearby food stall.

i have a great time visiting this place. i'd like to visit it again someday :)


efahmi said...

setelah berwisata ke batu, kapan2 kalo ada kesempatan boleh coba man ke lamongan... disana juga seru, temanya pantai dan air2 gitu deh, basah pokoke :D

tjahaju said...

@fahmi: oiya udah lama denger tentang tu tempat, kayak waterpark gitu kan... cuman blom ada kesempatan dan blom tertarik ke sana :p