Wednesday, June 13, 2012


when you read my post tittle, i believe you have a thought related to that word. but then you realize you're in my blog page now, all of sudden you have the second thought like "a boyfriend's name?" then you decide to read my post. sorry if i disappointing you, but you better get back to your first thought, because this post will be about them *sowwwyyy, no boyfriend gossip for you yet*

yup, the english rock band, keane... if you don't know them, well don't talk to me like ever again. ha3x kiding. anyway i'm not really fancy them (not in a groupies way) and i'm not really follow their story. i even just know that they just released their fifth album this year.
the only red string between me and keane is 'hopes and fears' album (released 2004), especially 'somewhere only we know' song that i knew from their video clip shows on tv. i loved the lyrics and how the song's sound. that makes me digging more to know the other song on hopes and fears album, like 'this is the last time', 'everybody's changing', and rest of it which was feel so good and feel so everlasting.
i know their second album 'under the iron sea' album, but i can only remember 'crystal ball' and 'is it any wonder' songs.

back to 'hopes and fears', i kept three song from it in my phone media folder. listened to them when i need some mood booster. if you see my song list, you won't be the first one that gonna say that my list is out of date. ha3x that's me, i'm a bit vintage and weird, no?
but i don't think i'm the only weirdo, since surprisingly i found that a lot of people did the same thing with me (kept those three song on their list). why is so? because i'm kinda listen this song like everywhere, like: at the plaza, restaurant, public transportation, acoustic live on cafe, etc. the thing is it's 2012 and they preferred play 2004 songs. 

you've got to agree with me that 'hopes and fears' album was contained of  everlasting song and you better put my top three songs above to your list too. well i'm just saying though.

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