Sunday, July 22, 2012

add color to my weekend

i woke up very late, even sun has rise very high.. i open my eyes and said to myself, c'mon at least go somewhere this weekend. i didn't plan to go, but suddenly i remember last week newspaper about painting exhibition at galeri nasional. without second thought, destination has been made. 
i tried to asked some friend to accompany me, but negative. seems i asked the wrong person. not every friend of mine understand my spontaneous and my interest. so heck with that, i used to do it on my own. just 'GO' my heart and my toes said to me.

so here was i today, galeri nasional jakarta, in the middle of 'karya sang juara 1994-2010' exhibition. it was so quiet when i arrive. i signed the guest book at no. 5 if i'm not mistake. so i'm the fifth visitor today. but i think i'm the only visitor at those hour. it was a large room with a lot of big painting... yeah it quite intimidating and a bit scary. i prepare my camera and tripod to capture me and some painting that i will found interesting. the front officer seems understand my fear.. hahaha.. he turn on the keroncong music and the room feels warmer than 5 minutes ago. so i start looking around and enjoying the painting display.

dunno why but i'm a bit admire raden saleh
'so many faces' .. i can only interpret it as john lennon, steve jobs, harry potter.. but it's more
'orang-orang dengan lambang di dada'
to be honest i don't understand anything about painting. i don't even know any artist name or profile. i just love seeing it. the colour. the size. the freedom. i fancy about how the artist can express what inside their head into something that other people can see it. doesn't matter whether it painting, sculpture or anything. doesn't matter whether other people seen it the same or different way with how the artist seen it. that kind of freedom and ability to express what inside their head is why i appreciate them. 
some of the artist use their works to express, critics, imagine or protest on something. on some painting i can see that. right or wrong, everything is relative, it depend on your  point of view. well everybody has a freedom to interpret it into anything they want. the important thing  is open your mind and respect.

so i continue my sightseeing and i saw gus dur's sculpture, called 'duduk bersama gus dur'. i came to it and start to observe. it was a long chair with a man sitting in the one point. not just a man, he was a public figure and the fourth president of indonesia, well.. on his casual off duty outfit i believe. i ever read his biography and i know that he was one of the great man that ever lived in this era. some people also said that gus dur was the living semar. i'm glad the artist didn't forgot to put gus dur's warm smile that seems like saying 'gitu aja kok repot.. hehehe..'. 

'duduk bersama gus dur'
'gitu aja kok repot!'
fortunately the front officer came to me, so i asked him to take my photo sitting next to gus dur. his name is hendra and thanks for being my tour guide for the rest half of my sightseeing.

me sitting next to gus dur
would you interpret this painting by yourself?
me with hendra the front officer from ysri
it was a nice mbolang day. i can't believe i did it another weekend-tanpa-mall activity. but seriously, the color from the painting really add color to my soul, my weekend and also my fasting day :p hope you will consider to do it someday. it was fun, different and refresh! so.. have a nice weekdays ahead ^_^

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