Tuesday, July 17, 2012

bits and pieces

bits and pieces.

one.: celebrating mbak evy's birthday at mayang suki - kebayoran baru. we got corporate discount by showing our binusian card. we were just tried our luck and didn't know that our card can cost us special discount. yay!
two.: last day on sincere arteri. they'll be moving to gandaria city starting next week. pak bima is still my teacher. but not sure if we will met mbak ayu and mbak ros. *sad*
three.: at fx, trying resto ngalam to prove the ngalam taste. not bad. i dissapointed for rujak cingur, coz i think they didn't add gedang klutuk for the condiment.
four.: another mogleng-mogleng adventure was having dinner at santika baru seafood - benhil. they really had a big fish for all of us.
five.: rusty came to jakarta. let's gather to greet her on pim 2.

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