Wednesday, September 26, 2012

bits and pieces: mudik to malang 2012

accidentally meet my college friends at soe-ta airport, unfortunately yayat has different flight and his plane got delayed.  while we were waiting for our flight, i borrowed ismu's phone to view sujiwotejo's new video launch on youtube, i tweet him to asked about the lyrics and he re-tweeted and a lot of people re-tweeted it too.  prepare to take-off and quite crowd plane queue back there, we were 40minutes queue without aircon to take-off.  an idul fitri cake from tante micen :D. on idul fitri day i went to my relatives village to feel the kampung ambience, ahahaha.  on the next day, the girls gathered at my house to have a lunch and seems my brother help a lil' bit with salad menu preparation.  we also ordered fast food for lunch to simplify everything ;).  jogja's family also mudik to malang and we go to masjid tiban at turen, malang.  me, my cousin, her husband and my dad.  that was me, at juanda airport waiting for my flight back to jakarta.

my mudik moment this year was very short (aug 17-21). i didn't extend my leave since i just have another mudik trip on may. oh i would like to thank my new friend, adry, for taking me from juanda airport to bus station. and the dinner too, gosh i was so starving, ahahaha. 
how about your mudik story? hope you all enjoy your mudik and family time. i know it's late but happy idul fitri anyway ^_^

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Anonymous said...

eh lah baru ceritanya akhir september :))