Wednesday, October 10, 2012

fulfill your wishlist

i started listing my birthday wishlist on 2009 at my facebook notes. i have a huge hope that perhaps i'm making it easy for those who would like to gave me a birthday gift. perhaps that list was too much of me, so not all of my list came true from my friend or santa claus. hahaha... i know i should not counted my happiness from other people, you know... like waiting for santa will fulfill my wishlist. so those list, well, i make it as an accomplishment list. kind of dream book. 
i'm counting on myself to fulfill those wishlist i made. i did not set any timeline. i just believe that i will get it somehow.. someday... anyhow... anyday. 
if you visit my facebook notes, you will understand what i meant. 

if you remember my-wishlist-post here, well... the picture below show you my accomplishment ^_^

yay! happy birthday to me. well not yet. my birthday is on oct 19th. so, have you make your own birthday wishlist?

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