Thursday, October 3, 2013


i like the idea of a tree recently. the big and strong one. anything will feel save under or around it. everything can have a life on it too. that's why "tree of life" quote sound familiar.

i think tree is also the symbol of wisdom. many thing will depend on it. however, everything can't 100% percent depend on it. because it depend on how to keep it save and strong. "take and give" law applied here.

tree is also sincere. it is part of mother earth. no matter how much taken from it, it will try it best to give or just hanging there. until the force of nature make it balance. either it's gonna be the end of the givers or the reminder for it takers.

sometimes i imagine myself as a tree. there is also a moment when it feel so strong and powerful.. or weak and dying.


Rosa Devga said...

semoga selalu menjadi pohon yang kokoh ya, jika pohon melemah itu artinya perlu penyiraman, seperti manusia perlu siraman rohani hehe...salam, lama tak berkunjung kesini

tjahaju said...

iya mbak rosa... lagi ngebanyakin istighfar nih. makasih yaaa...