Sunday, January 5, 2014

the essay... in progress

this bloody essay... yup, haven't finish it yet. in fact, not even single word i write... yet. it's been some 'bbsbjsfgs' and 'Backspace' over and over again since this morning and leave me staring a blank document on the screen. yeah i'm having staring contest now with my laptop screen. instead continue working on it, i'm writing a blog now... hahaha...

well it's kind of relaxing myself though and brainstorm at the same time, since TV failed to inspire me getting one sentences to start my essay. so i try to go through my previous and very previous blog posting. i need to find an inspirations and a reminder about my writing style. 

my writing style? yeah.... because one of 'writing an application essay/ study plan essay' tips i find from google recommend me to be unique, honest, not cliche, clear, concise and to the point. how am i suppose to do that while... wowww... this post has reach third paragraph already? wish i can do the same thing for my essay there... under microsoft word tab that i name it: Dian motivational essay.doc

anyway, it keep amazed me when i go through my previous blog post. i don't believe i did that all writing. some good, some ok, some silly, some crap, some great... but still... it bring wow effect for me. read some of it bring my memory to what i feel when i say it. feel... yeah it seems the blog post has it soul. too bad most of them has no comment. i'm curious on what the reader felt on those post. well i hope it will inspire them in a good way.

better i stop it here and continue to my microsoft word page... i think i got it, some inspirations to finish my essay. God, please make them consider my essay so i can get those scholarship. amiiin.

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