Sunday, February 2, 2014

day 32 of 2014

i bought a shirt today. you know, when i decide to wear my hijab, i was only prepare my good intention to cover myself. well, still in process too since i can not wear my hjab during my office hours. currently we are in process to transfer me into other department so i can wear my hijab.

people said good intention will find its way. so at that moment i have not prepare my wardrobe. i only have 1-2 hijab. luckily mbak lath, my flatmate, gave me some. i don't have much long shirt, long skirt, long pants. since then, once a month i bought one cloth to replace the other. one come in, one come out. to prevent over-cloths on my wardrobe. i'll let y'all know my new shirt later ya ;p

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