Saturday, April 4, 2015


okay i'm back. i set my blog as private for a couple months or so. one reader sent me a complain message. hahaha... *Rully, hope you happy now my friend*

see my post title above? it is one of my favorite serial tv, starring Kery Washington.
however, this word is full of intrigue.
how many of us has a scandal in our life?
how many scandals in our life that we chose to keep it for our self?
how many people involved on those scandals?
can they keep it for themselves? can they remain silent? can we trust them?
why we chose to keep it to our self? or limited to people involved?
what make it as a scandals category?

according to google translate, scandal (noun) is an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.
action or event... wrong... causing... outrage...
definition accepted.

apart from the serious definition by google.
for me scandals is a memory of stupidity and silly action that feels so right for our self at that time (or until now) but wrong for other people, so rather than causing misperception, we prefer to keep it to our self for the sake of peacefulness.

but somehow when we meet our partners in crime accidentally, it will bring back those scandals in our mind, and bring the mischievous grin between us. or any other gesture, like shame, running away, smile, sending secret code that means 'just keep it between us'.

what i learned from those movie is scandals can be used as an insurance. to keep us safe or to destroy us. that's the interesting thing.
so, no more stupidity demonstration. no more scandals, ok!

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