Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ten things #guineapig

this ten things about caring Guinea Pig (by me):

1. when you decide to caring Guinea Pig, prepare your commitment, love and care. also some cost to afford their cages, food, toys and maintenance.

2. how many Guinea Pig that you afford to handle. better to have two than one, because they love to be in a group.

3. decide the gender. having male and female Guinea Pig will give you the Guinea Pig baby (pup) in the future. thus you must ready to give more attention and bigger cage when the day is come. if you're not ready, take the same gender.

4. decide what kind of Guinea Pig. do some research, there's several type of Guinea Pig. i choose Abyssinian because that the only kind that i found in the market.. hahaha... beside, those type has a short fur and no need extra care.

5. the habitat. prepare the cage with enough space for them to running around and rest. be creative and make the cage beautiful and cute.

6. the food. Guinea Pig love to eat and sharpen their teeth. don't worry, they won't bite. i fed my Guinea Pig twice a day. they love vegetable and fruit. i also give the rabbit food inside their cage for the snack.

7. cleaning the cage. messy cage will ruin Guinea Pig's cuteness. since i have the small cage, i clean it twice a day. this also to ensure the hygiene of your pet and also your environment.

8. vitamin. your pet also need some vitamin to keep them fit, like vitamin C.

9. the vet. bring your pet to the vet for some check up. the vet will give you some tips that will add your knowledge about your pet.

10. playtime. spare your time to pet your Guinea Pig. let them get used with your hand. be careful, don't squeeze them. usually during the playtime, i also check their weight. especially if you have the female, better you pay attention to their weigh and body, so you will much aware if they pregnant.