Tuesday, June 28, 2016

footwear case

you gain something, you lost something. i'm sure you ever heard that. and for my footwear case, you gain comfy, you loose style. you gain comfy, you lost money. ha3x, in indonesian language the last one would be: ada harga, ada rupa.  i dunno why footwear can be so expensive.

for me, function is no. 1, and style is no. 2. then price is no. 3 as a final will i take it or not. well, maybe for footwear cases. that's why i'm not really a shoes-addict right now, or maybe it because i can't afford myself yet for all those cute pair of shoes that captured my heart. but that's me, i've got to think twice on how i spend my money. for footwear case, for me it is more like investments. i should choose based on these consideration: comfortable, durable and good quality.

as i said, footwear can be so expensive. sometimes i just can't help myself when i really really want a fancy thing. on that situation, i just told myself to be patience. just be patience for sale season. ha ha ha... so i can get the half price. i don't care if the model is out-of-date, i'm chasing the function not the style, remember. 

how about you. how do you choose your footwear?

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