Monday, July 13, 2009

have no idea

have no idea what i feel right now. happy. sad. missing something. excited. have no idea. got an idea.
have no idea what am i doing. eat. sleep. gath with my fam *longing for that*. hang out a while. watching vcd. switching tv channel million time, still wondering the quality of indonesian production.
have no idea why is my back house getting worse. the roof. God! give me some money so i can hire the property man to fix all of it.
have no idea where should i go. visiting my friends, check! visiting my friends mum, undone! later i guess.

have no idea why am i so enjoying my have-no-idea-moment like this =p


zam said...

turu ae nek ngunu..

raindust said...

what a "have-no-idea" idea!