Wednesday, December 29, 2010

happy birthday blog!

If I look back to my first post here… wow this blog will having 5 birthday candles on this New Years Eve. Yay! I know I’m not updating you very well since I’m away for my PC. I'm working on it right now, even it takes me almost a year, but I'm sure you can understand blog.
You know what, I change your name if you noticed. I changed your subtitles, then was "chitchat with tjahaju" and now it will goes to "i will extrovert myself". I'm doing this because for the past 6-months after Mummy passed away, I know I act a lil' bit introvert and a lil' bit anti-social then before, well it takes time for me to raise up. So here we are blog, you and me, we both will extrovert ourselves and facing the new year also. How's that... awesome right?

So in case I can’t celebrate it with you blog, I guess this ‘champagne-cheers-photo’ will be delighting you… so I would like to toast for my 5-years old blog… my chitchat place… and my new extrovert partners. Happy Birthday, blog! Happy New Year 2011 as well!



sandynata said...

happy birth-blog-day :)

eh kok ultah blognya sama kayak ultah bloggerngalam? tgl 29 des?

kapan pulang?

tjahaju said...

@mas sandy: loh ultahnya blog aku tanggal 31 desember kok q:
aku pulang ntar lebaran aja, he3x