Tuesday, January 4, 2011

baduy calling

this is what i found on my facebook inbox... an invitation to have a trip to Baduy Luar village on January 8-9. the fix location is Desa Kanekes, Kecamatan Leuwidamar, Kabupaten Lebak - Rangkasbitung, Banten.

feels like just yesterday when i did my Baduy trip on Nov 2009. believe me guys, its a truly escapades! it was my first trip with Pesona Jawa team. it was me who forced myself to feel the adventure. no one i know except the comittee of Pesona Jawa, but i'm so surprised with the other people who also for the first time joining the trip. 20 of us all make a sisterhood and brotherhood, we also enjoying our time with Baduy people. they were rocks and awesome, full of hospitality with their simplicity.

the trip start from Beos train station to Rangkasbitung on Saturday-morning, four-hours in a train feels great when you go with awesome people with the same adventure spirit like you have. then we take a rest and lunch break before we continue for two-hours trip to Desa Ciboleger by public car (Bison). since you full-up, i'm sure you can sleep well in the car, just trust yourself to the driver, they did very well with the challenging road, ha3x...

arriving at Ciboleger, the farmers-family-monument will great you and attempt you to tke picture with them. some of my friend got an headache and feel sick because of Bison trip, ha3x... but chill-out the fresh air of the village will clear your mind and give you the energy.

then we continue the trip by foot to Desa Balimbing, to Bapak Sarpin's house... yes, its tracking time, enjoying the nature and the villagers track. it suppose to be half-hours only, but since the view is so amazing it takes one-hours trip along with your picture taking moment, ha3x...

arriving at Bapak Sarpin's house, full with sweat, breath-taking, thirsty... its takes 10-minutes only for me to forgot that i'm so exhausted... the clean-fresh-air really re-charge my brain with the energy. along with others we go to see around the villages and the climax is dare you to cross the bamboo-bridge. ho ho ho... i did it twice!

late afternoon to evening, all of us gather at Bapak Sarpin's house. believe me, no electricity allowed in this village, so there's no tv, no radio, no internet, no phone signal (except for INDOSAT). but what i love about Bapak Sarpin's house is they have a bathroom, 2 bathroom, yay! anyway, we spend the rest of the nite with fun, having dinner together, eating durians, chating, playing cards, many thing untill late at nite and you fell asleep with smile in your face.

...and wake up with big smile in your face. believe me, that what was happen in me. so Sunday-morning is packing time. after having your breakfast, we continue the trip back to Desa Ciboleger for another Bison trip to Rangkasbitung. but we did not use yesterday track this time... we take another track, take a look around the village, and visiting Danau Dandang... a lake where they still use bamboo. man, they love bamboo a lot. this 4-hours trip will make your camera full with wonderful captured view and big smile in every single photo.

so, when Bison car drive you to Rangkasbitung, i believe all of you will fell asleep with big smile in your heart. the committee will forced you to wake up and transfer yourself into the big-bus to drive us back to Jakarta. i saw a rainbow on my way, the real one... you know its hard to find rainbow in Jakarta skylight.

well, was my story tempting you? this photo shoot will tempting you more. enjoy it! and make your own plan to have your Baduy called.

if you would like to have your own trip, i recommend you this newly-dad to help you, his name is Marsad an here's the number 081384805996. experience your own Baduy called and enjoy your weekend escapades. don't forget to share your story with me, ok!

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