Thursday, January 20, 2011

eat for life

i do eat to keep myself healthy. i do it twice a day for 'real eat', which is lunch and dinner. i give myself a glass of hot-chocolate-milk for breakfast and before i sleep.

i don't do snack a lot. because my mum didn't teach me those habit. she demand her kiddos to eat until their stomach full, thus they won't have a space anymore for snack, which is help her to save the snack-money for other needs and keeping away her kiddos from unhealthy food around. you were so genius mum!

it's really hard for me to gain my weight. i'm so thin for a girl with 1,7m tall. and my weight is more or less is always 50kg around. it's ok! the important thing is i'll keep myself health!
below is my eat-for-life capture. you'll see, i do like to eat, i do eat a lot, i do try to snacking, i do keep having my super model posture. lol.

this is how to drink hot-sweet-tea

eating laksa at asiroth-street (kebayoran lama)

eating spaghetti at amadeus-cafe (gandaria city).
we've got compliment gift for those unwell-cooked-spaghetti.

a drink called macha-*something* at pasta-de-waraku (PIM)

lunch time at tidung-island

coconut drink fresh from the coconut fruit

lunch time after clean up the musoleum (tpu petamburan)

a bread made by mbak sisca at arca domas trip (pesona jawa)

at baduy village

broke my fasting at ragunan zoo. astaghfirullah.

tea time at batavia cafe (kota)

rijjstaffel at night-time-journey-at-the-museums.
i know that's not a table manner attitude, ha3x.

hurry up please pak, i want the tahu gejrot, i'm starving! (menteng)

AW ice cream at BEOS train station

lunch time at arca domas trip (pesona jawa)

seems like this is my fave pose when there is no table and chair :p

breakfast time at arca domas trip

eating rujak kolam medan at itc mangga dua 3rd floor.
did you see my leg? ha3x... this is how to enjoy eating at warung :p

so... do you feel hungry already? if it so, maybe i can consider myself as a food commercial star. ha3x... have a nice breakfast or brunch or lunch or dinner!!!


thuns said...

wuiiiih... marai ngiler tenan rek!

Darkpuccino™ said...

heii diaaann.. masih ngeblog yah. keren :) makasih ya msh sempat mampir ke blog saya, saya ga pernah ngeblog lg :') keep writing ya