Tuesday, January 11, 2011


i do believe in karma. that's why i always try my best to doing some good deeds. i don't expect anything for those attitudes, but at least good will, good intention, and any good thing i did will guard me from bad things. at least God will take care of me because of that. and God will let mother earth keeping me away from danger or at least remind me to stay away.

since i'm kind of outgoing person, i used to blindly give my trust to other people. i always think positive to my surround, to new people i met, even to my destiny. that's why not once but so many times i often look like a fool when everything's messed up. ha3 i'm so naive.
but all the messy thing that happen will let me learn something. see, i love the way karma works. even good persons will experience something evil, so from that they will learn something. karma keep everything in balance.
as for a fools like me, those kind of lesson will buzz me not to be people-pleasing darling as always. it will remind me to taking myself seriously in some matters that will destruct me.

so keep yourself on track for good deeds, believe it that when your wheels going down it will take care of you and help you going up.

have a good life everybody (:

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