Wednesday, January 19, 2011

not an ordinary appearance

i know its not halloween time, but this is something that i want to post for a long time. so today i try to collect it from my folder and post it here, so it would be easy for me when i need to giggling to cheer up the day.
me as senorita and he-she-it creature

the crown from bali-dancer costume

wearing wayang-orang accessories

this hat should be wear for javanese groom.
i think my dad was wore that when he married my mum.

of course... barongsay

the crown and necklace from do-it-yourself tutorials

being 80's with SKJ's outfit. ready for the gymnastic!

santa and rudolph

he wore Luvi's costume, but me and my hat looks like Luvi more.

the crown from topeng-dancer costume, it called: sobra.

me in vintage costume in front of my vintage shop.
that was my mum's dress when she was 20.

aha! i see you smiling..... i'm so glad that i can cheers your day. being unordinary is a choice. it is fine as long as you can bring the happiness for anything surround you. see ya!

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