Saturday, July 30, 2011

fitting room runway

if you know me since i was child, let's say elementary to high school era, i'm so way back from girls fashion. at those time my fashion bible was big size shirt and unfashionable pants. to be honest, i think my brother was so embarrassed having kind of sister who always dress like him. well you know, i sometimes wear his shirt, t-shirt, shoes, etc. ha ha ha...
anyway people changed, and as time go bye there's also a lil bit change on the way i think about fashion for myself. and my fashion theme is simple, comfy and unique. i won't follow the trend if i think it's not suit for my personality.
thanks God mostly my girls fellow are so up-to-date to fashion. from them, i start to enjoy visiting the cloths outlets. try to put on some different fabrics on me, from the affordable one to un-affordable else. since i'm not good in modelling at the real life, so here my fitting room runway with the most expensive supermodel, me.
(mango, gandaria city)
(bali fabrics, permata hijau)
i forgot where did i buy this one
someday i'd like to open my own fashion outlets. well, it's kind of very next project which to good to be true. ha ha ha. but i guess it is good for my next career. hmmm *wink*


Dewi Ratna said...

anyway, people changed...
mihihihii... saya juga udah belajar pake rok dan hi-heels loh... :p
anbelivebel.. mengingat foto-foto kita tak pernah lepas dari t-shirt dan jins (kecuali sesi kabun-raya-teh)

tjahaju said...

@nana: jangan lupa sepatu kanvas juga, ha3x

sandynata said...

nice :)

tjahaju said...

@sandy: loh mas, udah kelar kerja baktinya?