Saturday, July 23, 2011

good afternoon Batavia

today is awesome. finally mbak ana and i go to Kota Tua, my favorite place in Jakarta. and luckily today there are an event called Batavia Art Festival 2011, at least we have something to see since all the museums are already closed. even though it is not as crowded last year, however we found one booth that become our favorite this afternoon.
toni in action, examining my face and cutting the black paper
the Siluet booth attracted us! this silhouette-man, his name is Toni and you can find him at Ancol in a regular day (even i dunno which part of Ancol though). mbak ana and i take turn to let toni create our silhouette. we're just sit down so toni can see our face from our right side. toni took a scissors and black paper, and start working by cutting here and there, looking to our face, and continue to cut the paper. after 2 minutes... voila! he put the result at the top of white paper and place it at the photos frame. wow! our faces already captured into a silhouette, and it is looks like us... well it is!
as a result!
i know that you guys can use photoshop software to did this. but i think what the silhouette-man did is brilliant, he is an living artist for this kind of skills. i raise my hat for you man. hope there'll be more silhouette artist like you in the future ^_^

another thing i love bout this day is i found a room full of typing-machine in the wall. i'm so excited with this vintage collection. it feels like i wanna grab one and bring it home, then i will type a little thing and make a lot of noise, ha ha ha. sound like evil perfect plan, huh?
anyway, have a nice weekend everybody and try not to spend your weekend at mall, OK!? ^_^

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