Monday, September 19, 2011

before afternoon tea

afternoon tea... it was simply invitation and plan to close our activity today. me and my friend, lidya, already set our today sunday since two-weeks ago. we'd like to give a try to our photo-taking skills and bonding-activity to our new pocket-cameras. we met at noon on mandiri museum as meeting point and continue to fatahillah park to start our crime.
we saw a billboard in front of wayang museum. they held a wayang kulit performance from solo that will end at 2pm. we arrive at 1pm, so an hour would be wonderful. 
below are my photo results from my lumix dmc-fh1. my first interesting object was pre-wedd's couple. they both look happy and tired, lol. my second interest was the old-man and his camera. i'm not sure what was he captured, he seems enjoying his sunday noon for taking photos, just like what we did. my third interest was the fashionably blonde lady. she drag all the attention to her, cause people look at her twice when she walk. 

do you want more? well i need more practice. so i continue to captured people around. mostly kiddos, cause they were so naturally cute.

mayday mayday! alert! narcisessity attack!! ha.. ha.. ha.. i mean we also need self-portrait. we both forgot to bring our tripod, but that can't stop our narcisessity. we were also entering the root-house, my friend volunteering himself to taking our photo with our camera. we were so lucky. i'll post the photos next time.  

around 4pm, we go to cafe batavia for afternoon tea, so i continue my photo-taking from inside. we choose second floor beside window, so we can continue enjoying the situation outside. i continue my photo-taking as below. 

we were order jasmine tea and something called crepes fousette? anyway the last one was contains of pancake and ice cream. so we try practicing our food-scene mode of our camera. looks so yum, right? last but not least, in the name of narcisessity, we asked the waiter to take our photo :p 

that was for today. what a lovely photo-taking day and afternoon tea. i hope you also enjoy your weekend as much as i did.


efahmi said...

hai ju :) wah udah lama banget ya kita nggak jalan2 foto2an, pingin hunting2 lagi nih hehehe... kapan2 kalo sempat ke jakarta aku kontak kamu untuk jadi guide di sekitaran daerah utara ya :D

clinicoustic said...

your photoshoots are so adorable sis.. :D

tjahaju said...

@fahmi: okai, can't wait for that! ajarin aku motret pake kamera pocket biar bagus dan bening kayak foto-foto mu yaaaa

@kat: thank you sista *big hug

Desta said...

ehm..tjahaju, your dress is so chic and well-fit on you. I think i'm familiar with those branded thing, hakakak..