Monday, October 17, 2011

what's up

things have been wonderful this recent weeks. watching tv and dinner with my flat-mates almost everyday. then i go to sleep... a very well sleep, i believe the baduy dalam trip really works for my lil' insomnia problem. last but not least, i'm working on this past two weekends. so, that explain why i'm not updating this blog for so long. do you miss me? ha3x. 
some early bird bday-gifts
bad UV did this to my hand. look the different skin-color between my hand and my leg.
those bright part is where i  put my watch. 
think i should wear a jacket to anywhere i go from now on.
my first car-free day. well, i did this because of duty call. sunday on work.
hermes's statue at museum sejarah jakarta.
okay, this hat remind me to downton abbey series. do i look like lady mary crawley?
that's all for now. have a nice day, find a solution for a problem, and enjoy life!

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