Friday, December 30, 2011

kaleidoskop 2011

i know i've been such a grumpy girl for the past two weeks. so i'm taking a deep breath with the inhale-exhale-thingy, relaxing, listening some music aaannd start counting my blessings. one of blessing that i'm very grateful of is my friends, my trips, and my beautiful life. hang on that's more than one, ha3x. 
i look at my photos folders with cassy, i see a lot of smiles there, and i can't believe how happy i am for the past this years. i feel so stupid and idiot for sweating my pms-periods. well, that's what normal people do right.

so here's my 2011 kaleidoscopic. sorry, i'm not doing the stupid resolutions thing for now :p

enjoying rujak kolam medan at mangga dua.
we were so hungry after jelajah kampung pecah kulit's trip.
to be my surprising the rujak was so expensive but also delicious.
joining Love Our Heritage meeting at puncak-bogor.
to be honest, i was enjoying the trip, villa, and  food :p

went to bendungan jatiluhur with my colleagues.
cleaning the mussoleum O.G.Khouw at petamburan. one of LOH activity.
following with lunch to celebrate chinese new year. 

i was not going anywhere this month.
coz i have two colleagues birthday party that needs to be prepared.
up was mbak ana's birthday.
this one was bu keyren birthday.

i almost forgot this fun day. joining jelajah kota depok lama trip.

let's say, may was a sports month. here was vaesak holiday,
and my colleagues manage for having  badminton day and following with potluck lunch.
our volley team.

that was my first time ever going to tangerang by train.
we were enjoying dragon boat festival.
my second time visiting Baduy Luar. i did it! i promote Baduy trip to my colleagues.

was i went to chinese? chinese ambiance, yes. i was visiting tzu chi school.

i know you know him, the president of jancukers united.
homecoming. yay!
all the single ladies.

bali trip. yay!
i love this kumbakarna get bite by monkey armies's statue.
symbolize a reformation, people knock-down the unright government.
picnic at dreamland.
i made it visiting green school.
entering rumah akar.

baduy dalam trip.
that was so amazing.
my friend's wedding. yay!

family gathering at sleman.
on our way to klaten city.
jogja's trip.
seaworld... i love seaworld.
got visited by baduy's friend.

taping mario teguh shows for three episodes.
enjoying ancol beach.
so, which one do you like me best? me, i like myself on january at puncak gathering. why? coz i'm one year younger than today, ha3x.
happy new year to you all!

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