Sunday, June 10, 2012

tjipanas - tjibodas trip

i booked this trip a month before. the 'tjipanas palace' really buzzed my adventure side, so there's no think twice for me to say yes. it was on may 13th, 2012... me and KJB having this unforgetful trip at last. meeting point was at museum bank mandiri, and i made it there with my 30 minutes late *sowwy....* two bus brought all the participants to Cipanas village at Cianjur regency. 

i choose the same bus with pak lili, the historian man. starting our bus trip, he was willing to be a story teller and gave us a brief about Tjipanas Palace. i was listened to every single explanation by him since i really interested to know the other story about this palace. but here i just give you the conclusion that i get it from wikipedia:
actually, the main building of this palace was originally a privately owned Dutch a landlord that was built in 1740. since the reign of Governor-General Gustaaf Willem Baron van Imhoff, this building was used as a resort for the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies.
pak lili's story was also a bed time stories for me. it was a long trip for me and i continued slept all the way since i have not enough sleep a night before.
fasade of main building
we're finally arrived at the palace and the palace tour guide lead us to the main building. unfortunately, we're not allowed to take photos inside this main building. the painting collection was so awesome. the famous one called "jalan seribu pandang" by Soejono (1958), it was a street view of Kaliurang in which you saw it from any direction, the painting appealing to the eye. this painting is very special because it was asked by Soekarno, the former president. 
group photo at the back of main building
the palace's tour guide lead us to the next building that has hot water bath. this is what make this palace so special since 1740 and why they called it Cipanas. according to wikipedia:
the word "Cipanas" comes from the Sundanese, the "ci or cai" meaning 'water' and the "panas" which means 'hot'. this area is called Cipanas because in this place there are hot springs, which contain sulfur, and who happened to be in the palace area Cipanas.
so van Imhoff and the others governor-general or current presidents are used to take a bath in here. way more healthy than jacuzzi, no?
hot springs
continued to other side of palace, called "Gedung Bentol" built on 1954 at Soekarno's reign. in this building Soekarno usually stay and contemplate the state strategy.he frequently bitten by mosquitoes that leave a small bump on his skin.
gedung bentol
good bye palace, we move on to Cibodas botanical garden at Cimacan village, Cianjur regency's area. among of the plants collection, it also well known of the moss garden and sakura park. unfortunately the sakura was not bloomed that season. here some of the photos i took that time.
moss garden
the plants collection
not yet bloomed sakura tree - blooming girl - sakura garden
it was my another green trip. inhaling and exhaling the fresh air. very relaxing. last but not least, group photos. 
another group photos at Cibodas
tribute to the photographers
intrigued? in the name of "weekend tanpa mall". it was so nice for me having this field trip ^_^


Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks cool! I love learning about historical places. Where exactly is this place ?

tjahaju said...

Istana Cipanas :
Jln. Raya Cipanas No. 105, Cipanas, Jawa Barat
Tlp. (0263) 511188, 511200, 512347

there are some protocol to be prepare before you go there.

for start, try to visit Istana Merdeka (near Harmoni) during the weekend. wear a proper suit (no jeans, no short, batik or plain shirt will be fine), bring your ID, and register to have a palace short tour.
i said short because it was only 30minutes tour, comparing the queue. you'll get inside faster if you go with small group.