Friday, July 13, 2012

mogleng-mogleng: giant baloon adventure

another adventure with the gank that contains of me, lidya and gotji. recently we named our group as mogleng-mogleng. gotji as founding father for the group name. on july 8th 2012, he created bbm group with this name to discuss gwen stacy (for gotji) and andrew garfield (for lidya)... on the other conclusion it was amazing spiderman effect *rolling my eyes*. the three of us were rarely hanging out together as a full formation, but each time we did it... there always a worth story to keep. so i decide to do my best for posting the mogleng-mogleng adventure.

once upon a day on june 3rd, 2012 we finally made it to gather three of us to accomplished the 'great baloon' adventure at tmii. after having chicken porridge at cikini for breakfast, we discuss how to get to tmii WITHOUT taxi. yup, lidya and gotji are frequently gave up and raise their hand for express or gamya when we were in the middle of desperate. since the day was early in the morning, we agree to take not-taxi moda to tmii. so i lead the group to cikini train station, asked the officer and get advise to take the train and stop at tanjung barat station, then continued with angkot to tmii. here they were at the train. 
i'm so proud of you guys... ahahahaha....
and we made it! we arrive at tmii. so excited to go to great baloon venue. it was behind keong mas area. this adventure was worth waited like a month! ahahaha... lidya was the leader for this adventure.

where's the baloon?
are we there yet?
here it is
not there yet
there! i can see the baloon up there!
smile... we're going up
lidya: look... no hand.. no hand...
gotji hold on tight... starting to pale... height-phobia.. ahahaha
smooth landing that was
yay for great baloon
jet lag but yet still beautifull
see you!
we continued riding mobil kereta tmii and queue for riding kereta gantung. we made it! another 'weekend tanpa mall'. at least for half day o_o the rest half day we spent it for dinner at d'cost plaza semanggi and reflexy massage near plaza sarinah area. ahahaha... we were living in jakarta, can't go far away from mall afterall. what can we say >_< ahahahaha...

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