Wednesday, September 26, 2012

cikini's summer weekend

it was early of september and feels like summer all the year. we miss you a lot rain. so it was my second week going to swim at cikini's swimming pool (that was my first time to this pool). i went there with my friend, uyun, and she supposed to get in the water with me. since the sun was widely up, uyun decide to stay dry. ok, then i told her to took my photos when i'm in action, ahahaha.

having brunch at the cafetaria. we continue our trip that day to planetarium, TIM. uyun never been there, i  don't mind to accompany her experiencing her first time at planetarium. so... here we are pretending we are leaving on a jet plane and enjoying the outer space. i think i fell asleep when we were at jupiter :D 

having another snack time at d'marco, jl. sabang. my friend, ira, is the owner of this place. so i just make my time to come and visit it for the first time at those day. i was tried to taste the delicious menu, cucumber ice and martabak ice cream. good recipe :)

that was another story of my weekend. how did you spend your weekend? share it to me. whatever it is, i hope you did a lot of first time ever activity too. that will make your weekend day :D

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