Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Olivier di jkt.."

that was some of olie's text/sms, followed by dinner invitation with our others friend. do you guys remember olie? yup, he is one of my friend, the dutch native who can speaks indoesian perfectly and love collecting old days postcards.
on september 15th afternoon... reggie and i spend our time at monas while we were waiting for olie's train arrived at gambir. typical indonesian-hours, it was 2hours delayed :D after we met olie, we drove him to hotel akmani for check-in.

have no other idea what kind of gift i would like to gave to olie, i gave him jokowi's shirt to mark the governor-election atmosphere. this time i gave him the right size, L shirt, and it fit perfectly on him :D so no more "hello mister" from people around. this time everybody scream "jokowiiii.." to him. a bit irritating since everybody say it repeatedly. but, i'm so glad olie really like my gift :D

that was saturday night and we were having dinner at warung daun. since olie asked us about restaurant with nostalgia atmosphere, so i recommend this place. also i never been to this restaurant. win win win. below is our photo before we leave the restaurant at 10pm.

on the very next day, sunny sunday, the three of us went to window-shopping at pasar barang antik, jl. surabaya. it was my first time visiting this place and i think i accomplished one of my bday wishlist, which is visiting jl. surabaya. yay!

olie and reggie invite me to have dinner at reggie's house. olie was cooked spaghetti for all of us. there was 5 of us, with reggie's mum and opa. we went to lottemart bintaro to did some grocery shop before we go straight to reggie's house. as you can see below, olie seems very busy in the kitchen. reggie's mum assist him to show the kitchen-tools position. ta daaaa.... spaghetti ala chef olie. yay! way to go chef!

if i'm not miscounted, it was my 6th meet and greet with olie when he came to indonesia. but it was olie's first time to cook the dinner for us. on the next day, olie went back to delft, holland. hebben een goede reis en tot ziens (google translate: have a nice trip and see you soon!) what a very nice weekend ^_^

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