Monday, October 1, 2012

september's summer vacay

did you realize that we already at the end of september? or by the time i publish this post would be at the early of october. speaking about the weather, i definitely gonna say: summer. what people do during summer? sweaty, exhausted, wanna go to swim, enjoying the heat, having vacation.

speaking about the last one, vacation is always a good idea. good timing for me as well, why? first, jakarta held a-day-off for second round governor election on thursday 20 sept. second, i’m lucky enough that i had no saturday duty rooster on 22 sept. third, i make it perfect and take a-day-off-leave on friday 21 sept. practically i have 4-days-off in a row! win win win. fourth, uyun can make it too and complete the vacation early plan :d i said early plan because that was on monday when we both talked and arranged for having long weekend, without any destination yet.

wednesday 19 sept, i packed my stuff and went to uyun’s place. 1 backpack and 1 lil’bag, that’s all me. i was arrived at her place at 9 pm, it was very late to get flight’s promotion price for tomorrow departure. we both browsed all the possibility destination that match to our budget, uyun working on overseas itinerary, and i’m working on domestic one.

finally we made our decision, fixed the itinerary and back to plan a, which is: joglosemar trip! continued to final packing for our stuff. we were slept at 00.00 am, woke up at 03.00 am, catched gambir for damri at 04.00 am, airport check-in at 05.00 am and hop-in to our plane at 05.30 am. 

for the rest this post we’ll be at 3 different cities and definitely you’ll see a lot of our pictures. so... buckle up! upright your seat back and folding trays. let’s have a safe flight and trip :D


semarang’s arrival. now i can remember the airport name called ahmad yani.
excellence service from our hotel, they pick us up from the airport to the hotel. 
our breakfast that morning would be soto bokoran near our hotel.
we were having becak ride to enjoy semarang old area, we sightseeing for: johar’s market, post office, gereja blendug and lawang sewu.
we can’t go inside but the church’s facade will do.
i took uyun’s photo in front of that building that often uyun find at the magazine.
fulfilling my 2010’s bday wishlist, visiting lawang sewu!
we went down to the bunker that used to chilling the room temperature of the building.
random photo: an old tree at lawang sewu area.
our lunch would be mie, gado-gado and ice krim.
after having lunch, we took a cab and go to sampokong temple where known with cheng ho history.
random photo: that was us... haaving fun.
we spend our afternoon bought some loenpia and went to toko oen before we going back to our hotel to get rest.
goodbye semarang, no we both having road trip by bus to the next city: jogja.


we rent a motorcycle to goes around jogja city. it cost us 50.000 idr from 3 to 9 pm. if you want to rent it too, try to find bakso busro’s store at dagen street.
jogja trip would be culinary trip to fullfill uyun’s wishlist. we went to jejamuran restaurant to enjoy any kind of dishes made from mushroom. the address is on km 10 of raya magelang street.
continue with gift shopping at mirota, malioboro. my fave place because the prices here sometimes more make sense compare to the prices outside.
we were not hungry for having dinner, but we decided to make a visit to house of raminten. yup this restaurant is unique, the menu’s name is funny, very low prices, the waiter and waitress’s with sexy costume and most of all i like the atmosphere. i reccommend you to visit it when you go to jogja, this restaurant is open for 24-hours and prepare to queue :d
6 am in the morning, time for us to leave our hotel. we decided to have a quick breakfast.
on our way to train station by foot, we experienced the empty malioboro street. wow! yeah, i should said wow! because it was so peaceful.
here we are, tugu station. we bought prambanan express’s economy ticket that will took us to solo. goodbye jogja :d


welcome to solo. city of mayor jokowi. we made ourselves taking picture in front of the train station because we inspired by one of didi kempot’s song: stasiun balapan.
we rent a car with the driver for our transportation. pak dicki, the driver, pick us up at the station then we continue to our first solo’s itinerary: grojogan sewu, tawang mangu.
random picture that day, pre-wedd photo? hahahha...
next itinerary was solo’s palace. so we headed to kasunanan palace after having lunch at soto gading (we were so starving and forgot to take photos).
the palace’s guard that you can asked them to take photo with you, but don’t forget to give them some tips ;)
i reccomend you to wear shoes when you visit the palace. if you wear sandals, they will asked you to take it off when you entering the sands area.
continued our trip to mangkunegaran palace. i like this palace. i don’t know why but it felt so cozy over there.
afternoon snack or second lunch would be selat mbak lies, reccommended by gochi. we loved this restaurant. the atmosphere, the interior, the prices. the important thing is it was so delicious.
god! 4 pm we should go to the airport to catch our flight back to jakarta at 5.40 pm. and thanks god, we made it :d farewell solo.

what a fun long weekend. what a great vacay. what an awesome experience. we did really enjoy our java's trip :D oh and i would like to congratulate jokowi-ahok for won the jakarta's governor election. 
i love this year september. how was your september? hope it was been great for you :D 

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