Friday, November 16, 2012


It's 10pm now and my mind attached to a scene that happen today. We both were talked about.. well nothing important.. it was just an afternoon chitchat.
Then i started humming this song and when it came on reff part, i spontaneously sing it in a slow voice. And he spontaniously sing those reff part with me too. I did not notice it at first, when i realize it.. i just keep sing on it. And to be my amazement was i never heard him sing before. He know that i realized that he joining me sing those song.. but he keep doing it so it was our duet for that reff part.
So that was quite a glee-moment for me. And the fact that we both lost the person we loved most, make those moment felt so sincere. I don't know what about him, but for me.. that moment felt so nice, as if we told each other that everything gonna be alright, no matter how hard and bitter it feels now.
Let's be strong little friend.

"never mind i'll find someone like you
i wish nothing but the best for you too
don't forget me i beg, i'll remember you said
sometimes it last in love, and sometimes it hurts instead
sometimes it last in love, and sometimes it hurts instead"

(adele - someone like you)


kharis alimoerdhoni arief said...

Adele banget....

Bella Belle said...

hai.. apa kabar.. :)

mataharitimoer MT said...

udah lama gak ke sini

CacingKepanasan said...

Main ke Bandung kapan2 :D

tjahaju said...

hai teman-teman... apa kabar semua?

@cacing: iya ya, kopdaran ama cacing cowo dan cacing cewe