Friday, March 29, 2013

where have i been?

happy new year 2013.
happy chinese new year.
happy saka new year.

it's been a lot of new years going on according to different calendar. how are you people? me being a human here. happy. sad. over the moon. heart broken without real reason. seriously? back to feet. move on. happy. be a good deed doer.

by the by, here's some bits and pieces.

stay away from floods. turn out i can't stay away from it as my neighborhood will definitely get floods when the rain is pouring massively. fortunately, it was not as worse as the one that happen at north and east jakarta. Alhamdulillah :D

also meet and greet with some of my college buddy. talking about the old days. eating. talking. eating. hahaha...

it was fahmi's wedding. one of my blog friend  and also another meet and greet with another blog friend  some of them new and some of them was an old friend but feels new since that was our first met.

and another wedd party to attend, was zak. we were not that close. we went to the same high school and same college. but yet, wedd party is always fun and a lot of food, yes? there was a lot of shrimp menu. yum.

what keeping me busy on every weekend was this. my hometown as well as my high school buddy is geeting married on april. it makes me on bridesmaid duty. help her with the order for souvenir, invitation card, dress, etc. and she keep saying that i will know what to do when it came to my turn. yeah right.

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