Friday, January 24, 2014

day 24 of 2014

i did something new today.. i ate choco melting lava cake... i'm not sure what was this cake named, but i know for sure it taste awesomely chocolate :p~

also i found out that i can manage my lost feeling... i already let him go, keep praying for him. i always remember my dad as a strong and loving person, never give up, keep himself busy, a fate fighter, reliable, sincere, act more talk less person.
so i move on, put myself together for my future and try to be happy.

what i can't manage is when people makes me remind him. i don't mind explain over and over and over again about how did he left. but when they said something that... well i know everybody did that with the good intention to wish me to be strong.. but at some point it come to my perception that i'm so pity... and at some point it breaks me and makes me cry... and i hate to cry in front of other people.
i do cry when it just God and me. i do cry in my room when i feel sad cause sometimes tears can heals and can express feelings easier than words. i just hate to do it in front of people... cause it makes me look weak.

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