Saturday, February 1, 2014

day 31 of 2014

when i cleaning up all my Pa's and Ma's stuff back at home, i find the photo album when they both were young.
and i remember that i have no photo album since 2003. well i can blame technology for that. all digital and socmed thingy makes me stop print out the photos and put it on traditionaly photo album.

so i open my photo archive on my 16GB kingston's flash disk. i start selecting the moments and i find it so hard since there's a lot of photos... fiuh...
unlike my parents era, they will choose what ocassions that worth for documented. mostly they will prepare 2rolls photo film that equal to 72 photos for print.
now... with chellphone thingy people took photo every minute... selfie.. foods.. venue.. that's why selecting photos from the hundreds photo become uneasy thing for me.

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