Tuesday, February 4, 2014

day 35

like many other little girls, i was grow up with disney princess fairytales. imagining myself in a palaxe and wearing princess gown and tiara.

so when i was a kid, i had this family trip to Jogjakarta's palace... i found myself dissapointed. the palace did not looks like the one i saw in the disney movie or disney storybook. hahaaha so sad back then. i stop daydreaming of becoming princess and see the beautiful palace.

i already forgot about it, but i'm so excited when i accidentaly find the looks a like palace at Taman Mini.. the one i saw on Disney story. i was jump around this TMII mock-up palace.

once again i'm so thrilled when i visit RS Cikini that formerly was Raden Saleh palace or house.

and i start dreaming again... of becoming princess, have a beautiful palace.... and meet the right prince charming, hahhaha

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