Friday, March 28, 2014

day 78-87

busiest week:
- open house preparations
- pakde was ill
- my home renovation has stoped for a while
- psychological assessment for my job promotion process
- open house
- gifts hunt for bu key
- two days and two nights not sleep preparing my presentation as part of job promotion process
- presentation and interview as another part of promotion process *which i messed up and demonstrated my stupidity... i won't surprise if i did not get this promotion*
- bu key birthday
- another interview as another part of promotion process
- speakout gathering *which happen today*
- my home renov process continue

i'm so tired. but i drag myself to keep moving on.
next is my late dad's 100days memorial pray. first preparation is calculating the fees and my money circulation. hopefully i can manage everything during my not so much money condition at the moment.

gratefull to Allah *virtually hugging God my Almighty*

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