Sunday, July 13, 2014


hahaha... i failed to continue my daily post commitment.
if any of you read this post, please keep me on your pray as i just got another unfortunate event. and thank you if you do so, i really appreciate it.

after loosing IDR 20mio on my own relatives, someone break in to my flat room. i'm grateful i wasn't there when it happens and that i bring my laptop for a meeting that week. well i loose some electronic hardware, but i'm grateful that i'm OK.

i believe there's silver lining on everything. i take this unfortunate event as a test from God, as a reminder of something, and i learn to be a big heart person and accept everything... with smile of course =)

that's all for now. i should get back to my powerpoint task. see ya.

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ainur rifqi said...

Ku kira dirimu lupa paswot, secara rutin baca blogmu tiap hari di feed lah kok tetiba menghilang.

Btw mendekati lebaran semakin hati-hati terhadap benda yang cepet jadi duit. Apalagi dirimu habis kemalingan.

Ingat pesan bang Napi, waspadalah