Saturday, May 30, 2009

i'm a Google Earth software

yess!!! i've got the window. hell yeah i can fasten my own seatbelt too. listen to the instruction from the stewardess, i don't like her... she's not smiling at all. minus point from me for the hospitality assesment.
and it moves now. slowly and begin faster.. faster *and so does my heart beat* faster and then it flying.. higher and higher. smooth take off i guess.

can't take my eyes off from the window. i keep seeing outside. whoo-hoo!!! everything become so small. this view from top... like i've ever see before. where??
i remember! Google Earth! yeah, i fell like i'm a Google Earth software from up here, hahaha...
ouch! my ears... it feels weird and pain. try to keep yawn and swallow to less the pain. lucky me, it flying less then an hour.
and the plane goes down, slowly and smooth. we're landing now. good job pilot!
and thanks God for this save journey.

well... that was my first flight story ^_^
on Mon, 25 May, SBY-JKT, 15:30, Merpati.


fahmi! said...

weee... dirimu iso miber numpak doro yo ju! haibat :D

tjahaju said...

@fahmi: hakaka.. sapa ya yang nyiptain majas personifikasi? he's so genious!

sandynata said...

your 1st flight?

Ucha said...

Very interesting, wasn't it?
Anyhow, according to Indonesian flight records, fling is still scary here in Indonesia. :D

tjahaju said...

@sandy: yupz!
@ucha: iya nih.. tapi kita pasrah saja lah =D