Thursday, June 9, 2011

neo horcrux: cassy

thanks God! hari ini aku feel so accomplished. aku yakin my mum would be very proud up there. yup, i'm creating my horcrux today june 8, 2011. no credit, all in cash.
actually i want the 'starlight white', but 'cashmere red' is fine... so here you go, let me introduce my new horcrux, her name is Cassy. i'm sure she will colouring my day and inspired me in a creative way.

welcome on board Cassy!

1 comment:

efahmi said...

wah asik! dian punya mainan baru, hehehe :D
punyaku sudah beranjak uzur, baterainya udah drop, nggak mampu bertahan lama huhuhuuu