Monday, July 25, 2011

official first photo

if you refer to my previous post, i guess you already know cassy. and today i took her photo for her first appearance. to be honest, i'm so proud having her, it's like i've been waiting for so long to accomplished her.
also if you noticing the turquoise thing, well his name is shiloh, and he is my new gadget. i didn't mean to show off or what, but for me this two little thing are so adorable for me and i'd love them to be mention here :D
so cassy and shiloh, enjoy your first appearance ^_^


efahmi said...

menyenangkan sekali main laptop baru :D laptopku sudah mulai uzur, baterai ngedrop... jadi kemana2 mesti bawa kabel charger, hehe.

tjahaju said...

@fahmi: ni aku seringnya jg pake kabel klo di rumah :D baterai kan cuma tahan 3jam