Friday, August 12, 2011

balanced achievers

so yesterday i was dealing with some kiddos from school to create the new school theme this term. the kiddos was selected by school management to represent the balanced achievers (meaning they balanced academically and non-academically) and it is in-line with the ib-profile.

we were having fun on the photo session. the hardest part was we should make them feel comfort with us. well it's normally cause we never really interact with them on their daily school life and suddenly we pick them up from class and asked them to have fun with us, pose and smile. 

i do my best to be an ice-breaker and make them feel comfy to interact with us, especially with the camera. lucky for us that they're get used with ib-learning profile for a long time, so it was easy for them to open their mind and communicate with us.

my favorite was rama from grade 4 elementary. he's the only one photo-talent that fasting that day and he was a lil bit tired. he was very proud and told us that he started fasting since he was at grade 1. we praised him and however it makes him easier to feel comfy with us. and so he's got this rock-n-roll spirit and we finished our photo session very well.

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sandynata said...

nggak perlu pake powerbalance biar bisa balance #eh :p